About the project

The Minority Report project is conducting sociological and marketing researches in a web community. Everyone who is aged over 14 can become the participants of the project. We are looking for people with an active lifestyle who enjoy surveys. In fact, the future of many goods and companies depends on your opinion. It’s up to you what products will be available in the market tomorrow.

In our job we are guided by the International Code for the European Society for Opinion and Market Research ESOMAR, which protects the rights of the participants.

The Special Opinion is a partner of CINT international company.

How do paid surveys work?

For registration you need to fill out all the required fields.

Take part in surveys.
After registration you are going to receive invitations for participation in online surveys via email.

Get a reward.
If you complete the survey successfully, you will get a reward. When you make up a sum for payout, you can transfer it to your phone or WM purse.

Social networks and the Minority Report


Why do we need the online paid surveys?

Online surveys in the web became very popular among a lot of marketing agencies. Online surveys make it possible to collect a big amount of respondents from different regions and cities in order to pass the survey. In most cases members choose the most convenient time to pass the online survey. It is more comfortable than if you come to our office. Sign up and take part in online surveys, and you will see that it’s not only interesting but also profitable as well.


How to start earning in paid surveys?

First of all, you have to register. After that you are going to receive the surveys via email, where you have to follow a link to participate. Your answers will be analyzed and checked for logic. Afterwards you will get a reward.

How much can I earn in paid surveys?

Paid online surveys will not bring you large profit. On average, you will get from 1 to 3 invitations a week and the cost of one survey ranges from 1 to 5 Euro. Participation in our survey will give you an opportunity to keep up with new products, technologies, machines and software that are not still available in the market. You are going to


Select your country to the registry.

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