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Does that give me internet surveys in UK?

  • - Minority Report — is a unique opportunity to participate in the development of new products and services of the major producers worldwide. When you join our project, You become a member of largest in UK community network of consumers and is able to participate in online surveys the world's largest companies.
  • - to participate in the polls interesting. You will always know the new trends of the vast world of goods and services. For example, in the first you will know what rate you plan to enter Your mobile operator that the advertising campaign will be beer or what new car models of famous brands will soon appear in showrooms.
  • - participation in the project is completely safe. Your personal data will NEVER be given or sold to any third party without Your consent.
  • - In our project You can earn cash and prizes, expressing your own opinion, does the quality of service, products and services UK.

Pay attention, that more detailed to complete its form from the participant, the more surveys you will receive. All of the data associated with the surveys and pay, you will find in your personal account.

The entrance to the personal account - Interviews UK.

Login to your personal account the survey participants - UK.

To view all of the data from their survey data, and the change of its responses to the staff office, use the scroll bar to the right, or chipped of a mouse. After you make the changes in the questionnaire, you must confirm by clicking on the "Update" button, at the end of your questionnaire.

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